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Animations are not my first port of call when looking for a new TV show to watch but once I heard everyone and their mum raving about Rick and Morty, I had to see what all the fuss was about and I wasn’t disappointed.

A reductive synopsis of the show would be to tell you that it follows Rick, a mad scientist, who goes to live with his daughter and her family following his wife’s death. He goes on crazy adventures to alternate universes, bringing along his socially awkward, pubescent grandson, Morty. The series balances its time between scientific adventures and the events of their unconventional family.

All the characters play a big part in why I love this show so much. Each one is memorable and prove to be an essential part in the family dynamic and they are all going through their own emotional turmoil which are focused on throughout all three series. More over, because of this, the sub plot is always relevant and not just a filler like many other animations. In certain episodes of Rick and Morty, it is difficult to differentiate between the sub plot and the main plot because they interrelate so seamlessly.

The show is filled with dark, cynical humour making it uncomfortable to watch at times but is, also, what makes it so hilarious. This sci-fi embraces its animated form and does not hold back with the limitless scope of possibilities that allow us to travel across the universe and meet a plethora of aliens, bird-people, sex robots, and much more. Unlike any other cartoon, the producers of the shows’ ability to imagine these amazing, thought-provoking and ridiculous ideas, forces you to carry on watching to see what they could possibly come up with next.

The success of Rick and Morty’s isn’t just its broad imagination, but also how it lets the characters grow without spoiling the dark humour that is at the core of the show.

If dog world-domination, turning into a pickle and people with butts as faces interests you, you have to give it a watch.