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Review: Dr Faustus at the RSC

Rating: I was incredibly excited to sit down to watch Dr Faustus by Christopher Marlowe. I studied the text at A-Level and really fell in love with it, however, I’ve never been lucky enough to see it performed – and where better to see a production of it than in Stratford by the Royal Shakespeare …Read More

Review: Dangerous Corner

Rating: ‘We’re all nice easy going people…’ states Charles Stanton – ironically as the Dangerous Corner plot unwinds we find the group in question are in fact manipulative, jealous and entirely quite detestable people. The idea of ‘truth’ comes out as each character’s infidelity, violence and web of lies unravels in an intriguing, darkly comic …Read More

Review: The Hunger Games!

Rating: For me, The Hunger Games: the 48-hour embodied exactly what a 48-hour show should be. It was shambolic, eccentric and a total cardboard parody, which I immensely enjoyed. Co-writers Katie Walsh and Katie Paterson stuck fairly firmly to the original storyline but put their own unique twists on it. The Hunger Games lends itself …Read More

Review: The Ant Farm

Rating: There is often rightly so a stigma surrounding student written theatre. I am the first to admit, despite the fact I’ve written some, that my expectations are frequently a little lower when I go into a show knowing that someone in my peer group has written what I’m about to watch. However, I was …Read More

Review: City of Angels

Rating: A rarely performed musical, I, like most of the audience, knew very little about City of Angels before going to watch it at the Guild of Students last week. Indeed, most of the hype surrounding the play came from ‘those’ publicity photos which prompted uproar as certain individuals decried the images as sexist and …Read More

Burnie the Bookworm: Girl with a Pearl Earring

Rating: A tale based on Vermeer’s mysterious painting, ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ takes us through the years 1664 to 1676 in the perspective of the fictional figure Griet, a 16-year old Dutch girl, and her experience in the Vermeer household in Delft, Holland. Published in 1999 by author Tracy Chevalier, this book was on …Read More

Review: Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty

Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty opened with thunderous percussion, setting the scene for a performance of powerful choreography, combined with a potent narrative and a peppering of comedic elements. The ballet’s opening act was set in 1890, with the audience being taken on a journey from this period of lace parasols to that of grey Nike …Read More

Burnie the Bookworm: Chris Mullin’s A Very British Coup

Rating: A Labour landslide election sees a hard left-wing socialist Labour M.P. made Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. No this is not my fantasy for the 2020 General Election; it is the opening to Chris Mullin’s A Very British Coup. The story follows that of newly elected Prime Minister, Harry Perkins, and the trials …Read More

Star Wars: The Force Awakens – SPOILER FREE

Rating: On Thursday night, I put my hair in two buns and went to the cinema – I was aiming for the Princess Leia gold-bikini vibe in Episode IV but it’s likely that Yoda was a closer comparison. Given that I turned to my mum about a minute and a half before the film started …Read More

Review: Wendy and Peter Pan at the RSC

Wendy, Peter, Tink, Captain Hook and the Lost Boys are waiting to take you on an unforgettable journey… Rating: Being avid fans of fairy-tales, all things glitter and the RSC, you can only imagine how excited we were for Jonathan Munby’s production of Wendy and Peter Pan. A whirlwind of success in 2013, it is …Read More