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Review: Orpheus at the REP’s Studio

As a Classics student, it’s always an interesting experience watching adaptations of Greek myths. It’s hard to distance myself from my knowledge of the tales and to stop myself from asking the questions we’re conditioned to ask; namely, how has the ancient myth been translated for a modern audience that perhaps has no knowledge of …Read More

Review: A Clockwork Orange at the Old Joint Stock Theatre

As I approached the Old Joint Stock in Birmingham, I was a little sceptical about what lay in store for me. Stanley Kubrick’s cult 1970s film adaptation of A Clockwork Orange is so iconic that it must be tempting for any contemporary director to try to emulate the dystopian world his film so well encapsulates. …Read More

Review: Jesus Christ Superstar at Birmingham Hippodrome

The hippodrome presents a show-stopping performance of the famous rock opera- Jesus Christ Superstar, composed and written by the brilliant Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice.  The opening night of Jesus Christ Superstar at the Hippodrome on 2nd November was a spectacle of phenomenal vocals, passionate acting and dramatic lighting. Directors Bob Tomson and Bill …Read More

Burning Questions Mental Health Awareness Week Special

In support of Mental Health Week, Burning Questions hosted a 2 hour special on the subject of Mental Health.  Chaired by regular presenter John Murphy, the show sought to address a number of issues surrounding the topic of mental health. Joining John in the studio were Rose Liddell, Sharon Jacobs, Marya Hemmings, Liz Felton and Ray …Read More

The Young REP festival 2015: ‘Hamlets’

9 Hamlets. 3 Ophelias. 10 floors of a library. This performance of Hamlet could have gone horribly wrong. Luckily, it didn’t. It was a great success. This adaptation of Hamlet – Hamlets is the culmination of a theatre research project by director Daniel Tyler as part of his PhD research into the adaption of well-known …Read More

Interview with author Jean Debney 

Last Friday I had the pleasure of sitting down with author Jean Debney to talk about her new novel ‘Far Away Hills’, a work of historical fiction based on the memoirs of her mother about her life and that of her grandmother and grandfather. The story revolves around Debney’s grandmother travelling with small children from …Read More

Interview with Lydia Poole ahead of her performance at the MAC

Hope Bolger spoke to Lydia Poole ahead of her role at Elizabeth Taylor in ‘The Liz and Dick show’ on at the MAC next week. They talked about the difficulties of playing a Hollywood legend, the chemistry of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton and how to survive in the world of acting. The Liz and …Read More

BBC Good Food Show Day 4: Best Christmas Presents

On Sunday the 30th of November, we ventured to the NEC to discover the delights of the BBC Good Food Show. We have never seen so much food in one place! As well as tasty treats, there were also a range of drinks and useful gadgets for the kitchen. It was the perfect day for …Read More

The BBC Good Food Show Day 2: Katie and Lou’s Top Picks

As most food lovers will know, The Good Food show has opened once again at the NEC Birmingham for its winter show. Besides giving a vast variety of different foods from all around the globe, the show offers a range of drinks from flavoured water to much stronger beverages. Although food and drink are definitely …Read More