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Review: Westworld Episode One

One of HBO’s most anticipated new series of the year, Westworld, began its run last week. For those unaware, the show’s general premise is Jurassic Park but with dystopian robot cowboys as opposed to dinosaurs. Based off the eponymous 1973 film written and directed by Michael Crichton, the author of the original Jurassic Park novel, …Read More

Review: Romeo and Juliet

Article 19’s production of Romeo and Juliet is exactly how student drama should be done. The venue, (Rainbow Courtyard) the vision, the music, the acting, and Vita Fox’s direction contributed to an extremely high quality production that a professional company would have been proud to put on. This adaptation was set in 1966 and was …Read More

Review: El Borracho de Oro

‘I feel part Spanish’ laughs Emma Yufera. ‘It’s what I know’. She isn’t wrong. Though the British owner of El Borracho De Oro isn’t, technically speaking, Spanish at all, she harbours an infectious zeal for the country. Her knowledge of the culture is extensive and there’s a visible, wide-eyed excitement to her delivery when she’s …Read More

Theatre review: Mary Poppins

Rating: Productions at the Hippodrome are always breath-taking, but Mary Poppins just seemed to go that extra mile. We don’t know how they did it (it may have been the magical set or the tap dancing on the ceiling) but it was our favourite performance yet. We entered the theatre full of anticipation, wondering whether …Read More

Review: Hello, Stranger

Rating: A story of two doomed lovers that makes Titanic and Romeo & Juliet seem like rom-coms in comparison, Hello, Stranger is a hard-hitting and gritty piece of new writing. Directed and written by Abby Gandy, the piece tells the story of a dystopian world in which two nameless lovers from different sides of a …Read More

Review: One Man Two Guvnors

Rating: I honestly can’t remember the last evening where I laughed as much as I did at Infinity’s production of One Man Two Guvnors. I saw the show on the West End several years ago so was a little sceptical of if a student budget and theatre group could tackle such a task; however, I …Read More

Review: GMTG Spring Showcase

As a self-confessed hater of musicals, I really wasn’t sure what was in store for me as I went to watch the GMTG showcase at the Midland Arts Centre last week. Performed for just one night, the evening featured song and dance numbers from ‘the A-Z’ of musicals. Directed by Amy Churchman, the evening featured …Read More

Review: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Article 19 transported us back to the 90s with their fun spin on Shakespeare’s comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The production was awash with silly string, glitter, and double denim. The costumes were brilliant. Puck (Antonia Strafford-Taylor) was dressed in a tie-dye t-shirt, dungarees, and a bum bag. When she wasn’t rollerblading around the stage, …Read More

Review: Decadence

This risqué two-hander directed by Rosie Solomon was thoroughly engaging to watch. Steven Berkoff’s play shows snippets into the lives of two couples, played by the same actors multi-roling. One of the couples is the upper class Helen (Katy Owens) and Steve (Joel Heritage) who take delight in hunting and gorging on expensive meals. The other …Read More

Review: Birmingham Footnotes Level Up

Last weekend The Birmingham Footnotes presented a new sketch show directed by Will Jackson and assistant directed and produced by Laurs Oakley. The sketch show Level Up was centered on the theme of video games. This was perfectly complemented by an electronic soundtrack. The six performers (or ‘players’) were really strong and it was encouraging …Read More