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Acosta Danza at the Hippodrome – Review

  Famed for his leading roles in the Royal Ballet, Carlos Acosta has now created his own Cuban fusion dance company Acosta Danza and I was lucky enough to attend the first night at the Hippodrome Theatre. El Cruce Sobre el Niágara (The crossing over Niagara) This male duet was inspired by a Peruvian play …Read More

Time Critical – Theatre Review

A show with a simple idea: it’s been 26 years since the start of Stan’s Café, so how do we celebrate? The answer is a chess battle between one performer, compressing the last 26 years of world history into 26 minutes vs. 26 minutes of Stan’s Cafe’s personal history. Stan’s Café is a theatre company …Read More

Loving Vincent – Film Review

In a world of Michael Bay, Transformers, the Marvel and DC juggernauts of explosions, disintegrating buildings, and scales of epic proportions, the word spectacle can seem tired or mundane. Something the viewership has come to expect, and something which one can rationalise and predict and quickly forget. ‘Loving Vincent’ is a singularly unique viewing experience, …Read More

Freeman at the Rep – Review

‘Freeman’, produced by Strictly Arts, explores the true stories of six people who fought a losing battle against their race, culture and mental health.   Location: The Door, Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Date: Tuesday 10th October 2017, Time: 8pm Walking through the entrance of The Rep on Tuesday happened to be my first experience of theatre …Read More

Crazy For You at the Hippodrome – Review

‘Crazy for you’ was first performed in Broadway in 1930 under a different name ‘Girl Crazy’ and despite its success at the time, and its star-studded cast, it was the debut performance of a 19-year-old Ginger Rogers. When its revival came about in the 1990s a change was clearly needed; producers thought the old style …Read More

My Beautiful Black Dog at the REP – Review

As the audience walk in, we are handed glitter: a strange premise considering we are about to see a play about depression. However, as the play begins it becomes clear that this is not a strange premise after all; Brigitte Aphrodite approaches the topic of her depression with humour and frivolity. The play consists of …Read More

Delightful at the REP – Theatre Review

Writer and lead role, Olivia Winteringham says she was inspired to write this play because she loves love stories. Her idea of a love story, however, is an unconventional one. Or perhaps you could call it a ‘conventional’ one, seeing as she chooses to explore the more real parts of love; the monotonous parts, the …Read More

‘Hairspray’ at the Hippodrome – Review

‘I know where I’ve been’, and that’s watching Hairspray at Birmingham Hippodrome. The touring show did not disappoint avid musical theatre fans as they mumbled about the amount of talent on the way out. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Entering a packed theatre, there was an air of anticipation as the lights dimmed …Read More

BEDLAM FESTIVAL: Hearing Things Review

‘Hearing Things’, which performed twice in a single day, lacerates the issue of treating mental health in both the young and old.    Location: The Door, Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Date: Saturday 21st October 2017, 8pm, Directed by Philip Osment, produced by ‘Playing ON’.   This review is written off the back of an interview I …Read More

Film Review: War for the Planet of the Apes

War for the Planet of the Apes 3/5 An unusually poignant ending to a series plagued by tonal inconsistencies, War for the Planet of the Apes doesn’t have the most complex, nor the most original, script in the world. A mishmash of Vietnam War references and prison break tropes plague this film, and ultimately serve …Read More