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The Dough Rollers – 6/3/15

It’s not every day that university students would get to interview and review a band fronted by Harrison Ford’s son. It’s pretty cool, but probably not that big a deal, so Pablo and I planned to pretend we hadn’t heard of Wikipedia and ignore all celebrity connections. Then on the morning of the gig, Twitter …Read More


New #SportsDonate Campaign Encourages Students To Give Blood

Word of a brand new initiative, started by University of Birmingham Water Polo captain Dani Leith, is currently spreading across campus. After becoming aware of the NHS #BakeDonate campaign, and discovering the lack of Birmingham blood donors between the ages of 17 -24, Leith formed the idea of #SportsDonate – a collective effort encouraging University …Read More

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The Young REP festival 2015: ‘Hamlets’

9 Hamlets. 3 Ophelias. 10 floors of a library. This performance of Hamlet could have gone horribly wrong. Luckily, it didn’t. It was a great success. This adaptation of Hamlet – Hamlets is the culmination of a theatre research project by director Daniel Tyler as part of his PhD research into the adaption of well-known …Read More