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Reckless Times Call for Reckless Measures?

Tomorrow Britain may wake up to learn UKIP has gained a second seat in parliament. On the back of Douglas Carswell’s victory in gaining the party’s first Commons seat, now it is the turn of Mark Reckless to secure its second in Rochester and Strood.

Album Reviews | Music

Superfood – Don’t Say That

[8/10] Following a packed year of touring, festivals and the release of their Mam EP, Superfood have quickly established themselves and honed a sound that’s wrapped in bass-funk and Britpop nostalgia. Don’t Say That opens with ‘Lily For Your Pad To Rest On’, a track that leapfrogs you into their nineties revival, via the guidance …Read More


Women’s 1st vs Edinburgh 1st Rugby – Match Report

At the Bournbrook pitches, the Women’s Rugby Union 1st team suffered a heavy loss to the Edinburgh 1st team, losing by a score line of 50 – 5. However, the score does not tell the whole story, as the team played well for much of the 80 minutes, with a few lapses, aided by a …Read More

Arts & Culture

Review: Grupo Corpo at the Birmingham Hippodrome

Wearing a full tattooed body suit intended to portray images of sea and waves, the dancers of Grupo Corpo; Brazil’s internationally renowned dance company, performed movements throughout their show of tribal ceremonies mixed with minimal Samba moves. Split into three “stories” the performance subtly mixed an unusual concoction of medieval sounds, Northeastern Brazilian music rhythms …Read More