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US Mid-term Elections: An Overview

The US mid-term elections that will define the shape of American politics for the next two years and beyond are around the corner. The elections are called mid-terms because they occur in the middle of a presidential term. The lack of a flagship presidential race means that these elections typically attract very low voter turnouts.  But …Read More

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Julian Casablancas + The Voidz – Tyranny

[6/10] Second albums are nearly always labelled as ‘difficult’, whether it be because an artist is attempting to replicate the success of their first album, attempting to rebuild their career after their first effort bombed or simply if they are just attempting to make a good album. However, arguably never has ‘difficult second album’ been …Read More


Legal issues in the NFL

Legal issues in the NFL In recent weeks, the NFL has received a lot of press, even in the UK, but not all of it is for the reasons the league would like. Since September, the NFL has been put under the spotlight due to legal issues, beginning with the case of Baltimore Ravens’ player …Read More